The Ultimate sport has many events happening throughout the year. These events include coaching sessions, tournaments, friendlies, development series, and much more. We include a few main events that take place in the UK on this site, but for more information, contact your club or send us an email at [email protected]

April Events
8 April to 9 April – Mixed Tour
18 April – Women’s Development Event
29 April to 30 April – Mixed Tour 2

May Events
20 May to 21 May – National Championships (Men and Women)
27 May – UK Unlimited Coaching Course for Level 1 in Glasgow

June Events
3 June – Defensive Strategy Workshop
9 June to 11 June – Nottingham Women’s Open Tour
17 June – End Zone Offence and Other Strategies Workshop
30 June to 2 July – Fishbowl Event for all UK teams

July Events
1 July – Ultimate Showdown UK 1
8 July to 9 July – Fitness and Training Workshop
15 July to 16 July – UK Unlimited Coaching Course Level 2 in Durham

August Events
5 August – UK Unlimited Annual Gathering and Party
12 August – Mixed Tour 3
26 August to 27 August – Master Tournament in London (Men and Women)

September Events
3 September – Expansive Offence Workshop
10 September – UK Unlimited Coaching Course Level 1 Follow-Up in Nottingham
30 September – UK Unlimited Party of Champions

October Events
4 October to 7 October – National Championship Women’s Finals
14 October to 17 October – National Championship Men’s Finals

November Events
15 November – Annual National End-of-Year Gala

For more information on any of these events, please contact us. If you would like to join a team or become a coach, contact us or your nearest club to find out what you should do.