Ultimate Frisbee: A Quick Guide to the Basic Rules

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that has been around for decades but only recently started gaining a lot of attention and popularity. It is especially popular in colleges and high schools. The sport combines elements of soccer, football, and track and has a unique flavour.

Here is a quick description of the rules for Ultimate Frisbee:

Teams and How to Start. Each team has 7 players and each has possession of one side of the field. Players line up on their respective end zones and the team that won the coin toss has the first throw or ‘pull’.

General play. The disc is thrown back and forth between players of the same team in an attempt to get to the end zone that they are attacking. Once the disc is caught, the player may only move their non-pivot foot. A point is scored when a player catches the disc in the end zone that they are attacking (like American Football).

Incomplete passes and fouls. An incomplete pass means a team mate didn’t catch the disc when it was thrown to him or her. An incomplete pass gives possession to the other team and they will then go on the offensive. Fouls are called when there is contact between players that disrupts the game. For example, tackling or shoving will end in a foul.

Refereeing and the spirit of the game. Ultimate is considered a gentlemen’s sport and all players believe in the spirit of the game. There are no referees for Ultimate games and the players are responsible for calling out fouls and sorting out disputes themselves. Ultimate requires honesty and responsibility from players to make it a good and fair game.

Strategies are used. As with most other sports, Ultimate players plan and make use of strategies to increase their chances of scoring points and distracting the opposition. Workshops are held often in the year to teach teams about strategies and how to use them to their advantage.

As you can see, Ultimate Frisbee is a straightforward game that expects players to be honest and have fun. It is revolutionary in its approach and offers a unique experience that anyone can enjoy. …